About Us

Founded in 1982, Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) is a national nonprofit organization based in Chicago that promotes humane and healthy farms through science-based advocacy, consumer education, and support for humane farmers.  FACT believes that all farm animals should be granted adequate space, access to the outdoors, clean water and air, the opportunity to express their natural behaviors, and safe feed.
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Latest News

  • FACT is delighted to announce another free opportunity for poultry farmers — the chance to receive a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) puppy and participate in an immersion training session! New this year, FACT is partnering with a current Fund-a-Farmer grant recipient to place four LGD puppies with selected poultry farmers who raise their birds humanely (one of seven certifications is required). These selected farmers will receive a LGD puppy and attend a free weekend training session this summer in Wisconsin, along with additional educational resources and expert technical assistance throughout the year. FACT’s LGD webpage for more information.
  • In an era of partisan gridlock, we need members of Congress to do the job they were elected to do and fund federal efforts to stop the spread of superbugs! Please write to your members of Congress and ask them to provide needed funds to the FDA and the USDA to help combat antimicrobial resistance
  • Even though three-quarters of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used on farm animals, there is very little information available about how much of which drugs are being fed to cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Newly finalized rules hope to provide more details on how these drugs are being used, but critics say the new data is only a small part of the bigger picture.  FACT’s Food Safety Program Director Steve Roach, says that while drug industry estimates of species-specific sales are “better than nothing,” they “fall far short of what is needed to adequately monitor FDA’s efforts to combat antibiotic resistance.”
  • A Dundas, MN farm, Auntie Annie’s Fields,  was awarded a grant from Food Animal Concerns Trust. It was part of $41,000 in grants awarded to 17 farms in 11 states, to help them transition and/or improve access to pasture-based systems.
  • Farmers Brian and Lisa Bruno of Apple Ridge Farm of Saylorsburg, PA recently received a National Fund-a-Farmer grant that aims to advance the pasture-based farming systems in the United States.